Difference Between Notebook and Laptop For Students

Education also evolved as how technology gets advanced because professors are getting new ideas on how to make their students more attentive to the lectures by using the technologies at their disposal. From a simple power point presentation to visual effects, the choices are now better compared to chalk and board, which somehow gets old now.


Since the teaching methods changed, the students should be able to adapt with it. When the teacher sends the reading material for their next discussion, it is not by having to distribute papers or books to the students anymore because PDF and electronic books now exist.


Now, as a student, you are trying to distinguish the difference between notebook and laptop to know which one can help you in studying. So here are some of their differences that might come in handy for your decision.


Laptop vs. Notebook: Which is more student friendly?


Based from their prices, notebooks are essentially a better choice because it is cheaper. Since students still doesn’t have the capacity of earning for themselves, settling with a cheaper but good quality computer is already good.


Also, dimension wise, laptops are way to big and heavy to carry around inside the school if your rooms are far away from each other. Notebooks have the size of typical notebook and is also light, making it more portable.


The main functions of computers like opening a document, abling to type papers, do research and the general tasks can be also done by both notebooks and laptops. However, if your course requires a certain program that needs a huge storage and memory capacity, then a laptop is a must rather than notebook.


But, if you only need the basic stuff like doing papers, making power-point presentations, researching and others, notebook is already a quality choice.

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